Valentine’s Day

We all celebrate love in our own way
But get worked up over Valentine’s Day
A day that’s not so much about passion
As showing affection in a prearranged fashion.
Roses and chocolates and presents to flaunt
Surrounded by couples in the same restaurant;
Some people, avoiding the celebration,
Migrate themselves to a safer location
Away from the romantics lost in the trance
Of a slow and seductive Valentine’s dance;
Away from those others who, with tact,
Make gestures they later wish to retract.
For Valentine’s Day makes great fools of us all
And those without partners can feel very small:
It haunts them to think that every pair –
Whether penniless, or millionaires –
Has come out to give the world a show
Of their love. Well, don’t you know
What the romantic symbols neglect to display:
It’s okay to be alone on Valentine’s Day.


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