Love in Ten Sentences

I’ve been nominated to write a poem about love. The challenge is to use ten lines and:

  • only use four words in each sentence
  • each sentence to include the word “love”
  • to give my favourite quote on love
  • and to nominate other bloggers to share the love

Thank you for nominating me, Heid!

Love is

Love is your eyes
Love is your smile

Love is holding you
Love is kissing you

Love is my strength
Love is my passion

Love is our present
Love is our future

Living without your love
Love would be unknown

I struggled to think of a quote, so instead I’ve posted a song. Alter Bridge – Wonderful Life. It’s about losing someone you love.

I’m going to nominate:

(unless you guys have already done it!)


4 thoughts on “Love in Ten Sentences

  1. Read poem, thought that’s a really lovely poem, read Alter Bridge shout out and thought OMG LAURA’S AMAZING 😀 great song, and with it now running through my head your poem complements it nicely 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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