Employee Value

He is
That stands for
Easily replaceable

It’s the number
Some office worker
Uses to get his wages
Every month

It stands for
Being overworked

It stands for
From management
And customers
Five days a week

It stands for
Knowing that he has
No choice
But to take the abuse
If he wants
To keep his job
And take home
Some money

It is nothing
To the executives
Who would be
If it was the value
Of their
Yearly bonus

But it’s more
Than he earns
In a year

He’s heard that
There are some companies
Out there
Who respect their

But he’s never
Worked for one

It doesn’t matter
He won’t be working here
For much longer

14 thoughts on “Employee Value

  1. It just unfair when you want to work hard for a good paid and the powers that be, mess with you. Sigh, I could feel frustration. Just one day, one day, I hope something changes for the better.


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