This was a prompt from writercookie.

I just finished writing a short story that involved two characters talking over tea.

So my first ever prompt for you guys is… you guessed it! Tea

Write no more than 250 words and if you would be so lovely, please tag Writercookie and leave your link in the comments so I can read it.

Well, here you go. This is a true story and I thought it would be nice to share. It is exactly 250 words and I have used the image from your post.

A Memory with Tea

I’ve had tea with many people for different reasons. It’s not simply a hot drink. It’s the first thing I turn to in the morning and it refreshes me after a hard day at work. I drink it with family, share it with friends, and brew it for strangers. In the Mekong Delta, I sampled wonderfully sweet honey tea. I am British. My life begins and ends with tea.

It conjures precious memories. In Vietnam, I shared tea with many people. It was there I discovered my love of black tea, due to the destructive taste of long life milk. I drank trà sữa trân châu (or bubble tea) with inquisitive Vietnamese people.

One man in particular stands out. He worked at a restaurant where I regularly ate. One evening, he paid for a bubble tea and sent it over to my table, falsely believing I had never tried it before. Later, we spoke: he asked me questions about my life, and in return told me his dreams to visit America. Painfully, he expressed how unlikely this would be: he had little money and it would take him years to save enough to go.

Now back in England, I drink tea throughout the day. Sometimes, I look down into my cup and think about that man. I wonder whether he is still saving.

To some people, it’s only tea. To me, it demonstrates the difference between our societies, and the fact that not everyone can travel as much as me.

6 thoughts on “Tea

  1. “…I sampled wonderfully sweet honey tea. I am British. My life begins and ends with tea.” It is the a perception I have of British people, :D. A joke my brothers and I say in times of a hot cricket match involving England, “Who takes tea to cricket, only the English.” Hehe [it is a joke, not to offend any English or British folks.


    • Thank you for posting this prompt! I wouldn’t have thought about sharing this story without it. I look forward to seeing your next prompt 🙂

      Liked by 1 person

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