Poetry 101: Right

If you, like me, miss Writing 201, then you might want to go to Mara Eastern’s blog and check out the Poetry 101 Rehab challenge. It’s weekly rather than daily, which will be useful for many people.

I’ll be posting my responses on Thursdays. This week’s prompt is ‘Right’. Here’s my contribution:

 Her Rights

Did she do
To you?

Did she ever say
That you are allowed
To tell her
What to do
With her body?

Have you forgotten
That women are
Your mothers
Your sisters
Your wives
And your daughters?

Why do you believe
You can shame her
For having sex
Or wearing
Whatever she wants?

She’s insulted
When you tell her
She’d be prettier if
She smiled
More often.

She’s offended
When you tell her
She does not deserve
To earn
As much as you.

She’s disgusted
When you tell her
She shouldn’t have worn
Those clothes
On that night.

It’s time
You remembered
That these are her rights
And you need to shut up.

3 thoughts on “Poetry 101: Right

  1. Thank you for saying for needs to be said – sadly, women’s rights are still not a matter of course. Your piece appeals to me on a personal level, and I’m honoured that you shared it for my modest Rehab!

    Liked by 2 people

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