Poetry101: Home

Suzie Come Home

One day, you will understand
Mummy’s fears; daddy’s demand
To hear the truth come from you
(If only we had had a clue)
But you, aware of the debate
Hid away the signs, the weight
And gained it in secret, until
Against your every whim and will
You could no longer disguise the fact:
The truth we learned, how he attacked
Young Suzie, now bearing a child,
Allowed the terror to drive you wild;
Wherever in the world you are
Running will not hide the nasty scar
Within your mind, and so we pray
That Suzie will come home today.
Your sorrow puts up a bold fight
With mum and dad, you’ll find the might
To overcome the worst affliction
And prove your parents’ shared conviction
That out of the darkness good will rise
(So take off your long worn disguise);
Suzie, forget that ifs, the maybe
Come back home to have your baby.


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