May 19 – Limits: Two Voices

Today’s prompt for Story a Day’s May challenge is to write a story told only in dialogue. You can read the full prompt here.

‘Ben, what are you doing? Miss Fisher is coming this way!’


‘Quick! Put your phone away!’

‘Shh, Hannah! Don’t make a fuss about it – she’ll suspect something! She has the eyes of a hawk.’

‘Who are you texting, anyway?’

‘Oh … nobody.’

‘Come on, tell me.’

‘I don’t, well … eh -‘

‘Ben, she’s looking at us! Look busy!’

‘Oh yeah, uh … so, so number three then …’

‘Number three – a ladder six point eight metres long is leaning against the wall. The foot of the ladder is one point five metres away from the wall. See the diagram.’

‘Well what a pretty diagram that is.’

‘Bet it isn’t as pretty as whoever you were texting.’

‘I told you, I wasn’t texting anybody!’

‘Yeah, whatever. It was Charlotte, wasn’t it? I bet it was.’

‘No it wasn’t! What … what’s the rest of the question?’

‘Oh, uh … see the diagram … calculate the distance that the ladder reaches up the wall. Give your answer to one decimal place.’

‘Pythagoras’ Theorem again.’

‘You’re not actually going to answer it, are you Ben?’


‘Miss Fisher’s gone.’

‘Oh, good.’

‘That doesn’t mean you can get your phone out again! Stop texting!’

‘I already told you, I’m not texting anyone.’

‘Oh yeah, and Charlotte totally didn’t just get out her phone to check out the message you just sent her.’

‘She did? Ah, that’s – oh.’

‘I knew it! I’m onto you, Ben.’

‘Shut up, Hannah.’


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