May 22 – Time for Something Different

Today’s prompt for Story a Day’s May challenge is to write a story in a style/tone that I never use. You can read the full prompt here.

I feel silly *hides in embarrassment*.


To Mr Santa (and Mrs Santa and all of the reindeer and the elves and your friends)

This year I have been so good I am a really really good girl. I have been the best. One time in April I punched my baby brother but that was because he was crying and every other time I have been really good. Please bring me these things for Christmas because I have been so good.

  • A new Barbie car because granddad sat on the one you brought me last year and now the screen has fallen off.
  • Green paint for my play shed because I like it.
  • Lots of money but don’t let mummy put it in my bank account please!!!
  • A new top. There is a top with flowers on in one of the shops in town that daddy won’t let me have because it is lots of money and I can’t remember which shop but I would like it so please send me that.
  • More chocolate than last year and please take away the vegetables for Christmas dinner we don’t want them.
  • A different baby brother OR NO BABY BROTHER.

Remember Santa I have been really really good this year I would like to wake up on Christmas day to all of these things or if you can’t bring them all then just the Barbie car will do.

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