May 26 – Joy in the Mundane

Today’s prompt for Story a Day’s May challenge is to write a story rooted in the small moments of everyday life. You can read the full prompt here.

Lots of people find pleasure in the night. Whether they’re out with friends, going clubbing, or spending time with that special someone, there is always something that people can enjoy during the hours of darkness. For me, the night is about a simple comfort, one that I begin to think of as soon as the sun sets and its natural light is gone.

Sleep. I love to sleep.

I don’t mean that in a lazy sense. People don’t appreciate it enough. It seems to be something that most people avoid, never getting enough of it, always having an excuse to stay up and ignore the simple beauty of being unaware.

There is nothing purer than the emptiness of closing my eyes and drifting off. Sometimes, I wake only to think how much of a shame it is that I have to wake at all. It is the best way for me to ensure my solitude and, for eight hours a day, be at peace.

There is so little peace in the rest of my life. My mind is constantly whirring. I have this to do and that to do, and when those things are over there will be something else to pick up, something that goes wrong and needs fixing or attending to. I can only imagine what it will be like when I have to pay the rent for a place of my own, look after the bills, cook all of my meals and juggle my personal life with a busier work life. Sleep will become even more important then.

People do judge me for how early I go to bed. They always have. They stay up, go out, and socialise, but I find pleasure in other things.


2 thoughts on “May 26 – Joy in the Mundane

  1. The things you do for yourself, doesn’t have to be what others may define. I can’t sleep early or have a schedule for sleeping but I don’t judge, in fact admire people who are more sorted like you.

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