He watches her wherever she goes, like a lion stalking a zebra. She is not careful enough to keep out of his reach, but then there is no reason for her to suspect that he is following her at all. They only met once, when they spoke briefly, and she found the conversation rather unsettling. It was too personal and too uncomfortable for a friendly encounter, but he had not seemed to understand that. He had pressed her to answer questions that she had not wished to answer, and overall he had come off as creepy.

Now, obsessive after a single meeting, he follows her exhaustively. Even when he is worn out after a long day at work he still makes time to go to her house, checking up on her in the name of love. He calls it love at first sight, or soul mates, or any other excuse that he can find – and yes, she is beautiful, but he knows nothing about her.

She has no idea he stalks her, but when she does find out, she will tell him that love is something else entirely.


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