Born in Fury

Mother did not merely provide me with a womb
A place to grow
To develop
To become human

She also provided me with the catalyst I needed
With lessons on hatred
And cruelty
And self-destruction

I never asked to be her daughter, nor to suffer
At her vicious hand


6 thoughts on “Born in Fury

  1. Pogniant words that play in rhyme
    Grasp the crux of the mother of mine.
    Snatching at my being,
    Laying guilt with no meaning.
    Vicious to the enth degree
    plying us off, you against me,
    Smirking as she watches me

    We are but loaned our children, to give them morals and guidelines, and to teach them what is love and respect. Put in their hands the tools of life, then release well rounded capable adults in to the world.

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  2. This is so very true! Mothers assume that because they gave birth, we are forever indebted to their happiness. It really isn’t the case. I think: if this woman hadn’t given birth to me, would I strive to maintain a relationship with her? If the answer is ‘no’, then do we spend the rest of our lives jumping through hoops to maintain this relationship?

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    • I think it’s a very interesting discussion – you’re right, you can’t just expect everything from your children just because you gave birth to them, motherhood is a title that should be earned. But at the same time, there is a level of respect that we believe people should have for their parents and we judge them if they don’t have that respect.


  3. But you were given to her and she to you…something good will come from your relationship with her. Maybe this good thing will be strength, or maybe it will be peace or a new idea of joy. Whatever it may be, it will only help you to grow into a beautiful human being.
    Thank you for existing

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