The Winding Path of Life

The world is tearing me in different directions.

In truth, I don’t know if I want to select any of the options that are currently available to me. Perhaps my future is yet to be revealed to me. The fact that I don’t seem to knew where to head or what to look for is telling. It feels as though none of these paths are the one I’m supposed to choose.

But these thoughts throw up another issue. How am I supposed to know when the right direction is available? Will it jump out at me as the obvious choice or will I let it pass me by without knowing how important it is to my future? Am I on the road to discovery, or does discovery lie before me in one of these directions? I don’t have the answers I need, and that fact makes me uncomfortable beyond belief.

Life is never straightforward. Anyone who has ever had it easy has never truly lived. I must make the right choices if I am to keep progressing on the promising path that I wish to find. Moving backwards would be an obvious mistake, but moving forwards is never as clear.

I am young. I am well educated. I have options, and I have not yet embarked on a career path. That is, in many respects, because I’ve never been passionate enough about a specific job to choose a career path. There are opportunities available to me, but I don’t want to select a career path that I will later regret.

That’s why I’m stood here at a crossroad, looking down the winding paths that I could choose to follow in my life. Whether any of these are who I should become, I don’t yet know. I must choose and find out.


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