Only Human

I am only human.

The wind builds up around me, whipping leaves off the ground that circle me repeatedly. I cannot stop them: I am only human.

Time is against me, counting down the days until I am old and frail with Death stood hungrily at my door. I cannot stop it: I am only human.

The sky hangs over me, threatening bad weather or teasing me with glimpses of good, as and when it pleases. I cannot stop that: I am only human.

But there are thing that I can change. They are small and sometimes insignificant to other people, but to me they should be held in the highest regard. I can fly on the wings that I can design and create for myself if I try. I may only be human, but that means so much more when I smile.


7 thoughts on “Only Human

  1. I love the contrast between the sense of powerlessness and autonomy. Isn’t it good there are things that we do have no control over? Don’t think I’d like to be responsible for the weather, life and death! I agree with Shadowolf, I like the imagery too and how it touches the human in all of us.

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