Our Progression

I stand on the edge
Of a precipice;
Something old behind me
Where community has lived
For thousands of years;
Down the slope, there’s
Something yet unknown
Where community has evolved.
It grows
Steadily, carefully
Not certain of itself:
Extreme in one moment
Raging about this and that;
Liberal in another
It moves back
And forth
Without specific goals.
As more join
Bringing with them more ideas
It develops to adopt
Their unique tastes
As its own.
It no longer belongs solely
To the youth
We share social media now
We share online dating now
We share online forums now
We share our blogs now
We share information now
No longer yours or mine
The online world is ours
With every new arrival
Our new society becomes
Something more;
Whether better or worse,
It is ours
Spanning generations
And oceans;
Here we can be united
With strangers
Or with friends.
I stand on the edge
Of a precipice;
I will leap
Into this new community


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