I Witnessed Your Cruel Behaviour

It happened yesterday, directly before my eyes
And, tipsy as I was, I did not try to hide my dislike:
You have three beautiful grandchildren to love;
Two older, the third still a child who has lived
With siblings and cousins older than her all her life.
She knows what it’s like to be the lonely one.
You advanced towards the oldest one, with open arms
And kissed him warmly on the cheek, whilst saying:
“Look after yourself, be good, and I will see you soon”;
Then to the middle child turned, and too embraced
Him with loving affection, as expected from any grandmother
Like you. “You be careful too, and see you soon”
You said with sickly tone and generous care;
But then you turned towards the door to leave
And in the last moment only seemed to remember
That you have three grandchildren, not two.
With feigned confusion, you returned your gaze to the room
And pretended that you had not seen your granddaughter.
The way you spoke to her was vile. You might as well
Have said “Fuck you”. There was no hug; there were no kisses
And I, neither blind nor dumb, expressed your granddaughter’s
Wish for some attention from you. Nobody else spoke.
That was the most destructive message they could ever send:
They know you do not care for her, so they no longer try.


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