Bad Weather Joy

I am thankful for the rain,
Though it pelts down from the sky
And the streets are filled
With people huddled near shop windows
Trying to escape the droplets
Threatening to ruin their hairstyles;
Though the thunder shakes me
To the core when it catches me off guard,
I worship it like no other,
Even when it causes a stir, the dogs
To howl and my hair to stand on end;
Though here there is no such thing
As a day too wet to go to work,
I am thankful for the bad weather
That we get outside our windows,
Drowning the streets in water.
As the first people prayed for
The Heavens to open, and to pour
Life-giving water onto their crops,
And to fill their empty rivers,
So I look to the sky to seek out the rain;
More personal to them than me, perhaps –
My life does not depend on rain –
But no less important when
The intolerable heat takes over.
There is no inconvenience in my rain,
No hiding under umbrellas or hoods
Oh no, I cheer: the world never seems
Dark when it cries with me.

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