Path of Life

The path of life, a lying friend
Hurtles me ’round every bend;
Towering hills grow in my way
To bring me hardships every day.
Oh Lucifer! Who grew beyond
Boundaries of your angelic bond
How did you find the strength to stand
When you from paradise were banned?
Me, I only seek a tiny piece
Of that same, strong self-belief.
Life works hard to bring me down;
Without some power, I might drown
In my unending, pathetic hunger
Seeking solution for my blunders.
Until the world spins in my favour
Life will not change its cruel behaviour.


4 thoughts on “Path of Life

  1. I like how this reads, drifting from short sentences to long and back to short. My intepretation from that structure is how caught you became and maybe on the other hand slow down to think. Really expressive and I can indentify with these feelings.

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