Inspiration: Music

Are you feeling inspired to write today? We all struggle to locate a good source for inspiration at times. This month, I am discussing ways for writers to find inspiration and enhance their creative side. So far, I have talked about writing groups and imagery, and how you can use both of these to help you become inspired.

Today, I am going to talk about finding inspiration in music. This is a great area for writers to explore as there is so much to discover in music and, depending on the type of music you decide to listen to, it can produce an incredible variety of results to compliment your writing. Lyrics can take you in an alternative direction to instrumental music, just to give you one example.

When you plan to use music to help inspire you and add extra creativity to your writing, you should think carefully about what you are planning to write. It could be something that you have been trying to work on for a long time but feel stuck with; or you may find that music leads you in another direction and that you should allow your creative side to lead you.

Consider the genre you wish to write in and the way in which you wish to write. If you are looking for something deeply emotional, then you will want to listen to something that will bring out an emotional response within you, and thus allow you to put that emotional response into your writing. It could be something with a slow tempo, with sorrowful lyrics, or with heart-tugging instrumentals. What fits into those definitions is up to you.

If you are writing a fantasy or an adventure story, you will probably feel more in the right creative mood if you listen to something with a strong beat, or a fast-paced tempo. Or how about something you relate to adventure, such as the theme tune to an adventure movie? Think about the kind of music that you can connect with – songs that can make you cry, smile, nod your head, and so on.

Take your time to listen to the music once you have chosen it. Music touches us all in different ways, so allow it to inspire you. Sit and listen in silence, focusing on the melody, or the lyrics, or your emotional response to the music. If any phrases jump out at you, whether in the song or from your response, jot them down – and try to describe in words how you feel as you listen. You may wish to listen to the same piece several times before you begin to write, as well as to listen during your writing. Let your mood – whether excitement or misery – show in your writing through this influence.

There are many ways to use music to your advantage when you are writing. Music can help to boost your imagination or enhance your emotions, whether through memory or entertainment. We need to focus on these things so that music can influence and inspire us to produce effective, creative writing.

This month’s theme is INSPIRATION. If you have written something that you would like me to share on this blog on the theme of finding inspiration, then please post a link in the comments or email me on with the subject: Inspiration.


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