A well written poem that demonstrates good use of short sentences. The subject of silence is present throughout – in words and structure.

The Void Of Nothingness

Silence could cut through paper,
and drill holes in a metal wall.
It could unleash actions,
that no one thought of at all.

There’s always a price to pay,
when vile actions fall to silence.
Keeping quiet encourages the wicked,
and it always leads to violence.

Crimes go unpunished,
when our voices are turned low.
How else will they be punished?
How will they reap what they sow?

It’s not just crime,
silence takes a toll on everything.
Driving people to emptiness,
reducing their souls to nothing.

It has the unbridled power,
to create a distance between close friends.
Set apart forever,
voiceless, unable to make amends.

Silence can create a divide,
between the most passionate lovers.
It can cut the precious ties,
between the dearest of brothers.

But silence is also a gift,
that lets you think before you speak.
It makes you ask questions,
for which answers you…

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