Anthology Publishing Opportunity with Creative Talents Unleashed

A couple of days ago, I linked you to Creative Talents Unleashed, the publisher of my book of poems City of the World. There, you will find lots of writing prompts and the chance to get your writing featured on their blog. Well, today I can bring you their newest publishing opportunity, an anthology on culture.

It will be called Shades of the Same Skin. Here is the description from the publisher:

Shades of the Same Skin will be an anthology of culture. In this book, there is no limit to culture and it will not be defined by being from an exotic place in the world. If you were born and raised in California or New York, share your life and experiences there if it is all you have ever known. If you have researched your ancestry and tracked down your native roots, share that part of your history. If you are an immigrant, tell about your journey and how it has changed you. If you live in paradise, on frozen tundras or desert lands, write about why you chose that place or how you and your family ended up there. You could indulge in your past or present. The possibilities are endless with this one. This book is about diversity and unity; to give the world a taste of the humans we are.

Submissions Open January 25, 2016 till February 29th 2016

If you are a writer looking to get published for the first time, or an experienced writer who would like a great chance to promote yourself to a new audience, then I encourage you to get involved in this opportunity. Creative Talents Unleashed have helped me to achieve my goal to get published, and they can do the same for you.

You can find the full description of what to submit and how here on their blog.

There is a also a Facebook event. Be sure to show your interest today.


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