Now I Build New Walls

This is a response to the Valentine’s Day without the Valentines prompt on The Reverie. The prompt was the write a non-romance poem that included a list of 13 Valentines-related words. Here’s the list:

  1. heart
  2. teddy
  3. ring
  4. partner
  5. date
  6. romance
  7. affection
  8. rose
  9. committed
  10. spark
  11. passion
  12. whispers
  13. love

Now I Build New Walls

Tall, imposing, grey
There is a castle with a moat
Where my heart is locked away

Surrounded by a ring of water
It’s the undistinguished place
Where my passion was slaughtered

There are whispers down the halls
Speaking of my lost affection
How our romance came to fall

Though once the spark was real
A strong love to sing about
Now only sorrow can I feel

In the bedroom in the tower
Sits a solitary rose
A pitiful, wilting flower

Hanging above the bed, a portrait
Of a partner who betrayed
Me in this bitter fortress

Who claimed he was committed
On a joyful, charming date
Until his betrayal he admitted

So I cling to my childhood
When teddy was the only one
And my castle still was good

No longer can I call this home
When he took my dreams
My gentle soul was turned to stone


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