Short Story Sunday 95

Here’s a cute little story that will make you smile.

Rachel Poli

Short story sunday writing prompt

            It wasn’t until he handed his credit card over to the cashier that everything suddenly became real to him. He couldn’t believe this was something he was actually doing. He had decided to buy this on a complete whim. He didn’t even think about the money being an issue.

He wanted one. That was it.

Al had just moved out of his parents’ house about three months ago. He lived in a fairly small condo, but with just him at home it seemed to be a decent size. The condo had two bedrooms and he could just turn the second bedroom into a different kind of room if he wanted to. If he really needed to.

The front yard wasn’t much, but the backyard was okay. He had enough room to stretch out. There was some wooded area behind his house, but he had shaved off some of the…

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