Wolves in the Night


They howled at the moon
Not fierce
Like wild creatures,
But with a hint
Of pack values
Nestled within their throats.

They rejoiced in the evenings,
Forgiving the sins
Of their mothers and fathers,
Their sisters and brothers,
Their friends
And their foes

They were unified
By their beginnings,
Beneath the bonds of their flag,
Their shared colours.

They strode with confidence
Through the streets,
Their pack protective
But their gates open
To outsiders

They did not fight for dominance,
Neither over us women –
And we enjoyed being a part
Of their pack
Rather than the prey we had been
Whilst growing up.

Some of us stayed
On the outside of that pack,
Never getting too involved
In the ritual howling;
Some dared to get closer,
Though never pushed too hard
Or viewed ourselves
As leaders;
And some, always eager
To be involved
Dove head first into the madness,
Barking with glee
At the sight
Of such a close-knit pack.

Whoever we were,
Wherever we placed ourselves,
Or were placed
In the pack,
We belonged together
Under a cover of darkness
Where we
Ruled over our destinies
Like wolves in the night.

© Laura Marie Clark

Excerpt from the book “City Of The World”

Please visit my author page and share in my adventure by purchasing your own copy of City of the World:


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