while we sleep

I love this. Such a great piece.

unbolt me

there exists a horizon that has kissed a lambent sun
like the sun of my youth
and tho’ the night has fallen, tho’ i fain no longer see
i still feel, i can feel everything

i’ve lost my shape to the darkness, and still do i decay
i’m disintegrating
and tho’ those days are gone now (they left with profound unknowing)
i still need, i do need you beloved

i feel i’ve nowhere left to run
and nowhere left to hinge my mind
yet the hollow earth still turns without you
indifferent while we sleep

a piano playing somewhere, it does not play for me
to my starvation hue
and tho’ fool dreams once succoured me, i fain no longer care
i still want what i want tho’ my flesh concedes

the river has flowed on and long, dust gathers on the heath
i don’t know where to find you

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