Twist and Go


DSC_1656 (2)
Here’s how I got around in Vietnam – a scooter and a plastic helmet!

Do you dare
To join the throng of riders?
Merging, swerving, honking;
A confusion of colour,
And movement

Turn right
At any red
But remember, there are many
Impatient, persistent, unafraid
Who do not pay attention
To the lights

Must live here
Sneaking from one engine to the next
Laughing, roaring, determined
To cause only disorder
On the road

An extension
Of their riders in the rumbling masses
Flowing, gliding, becoming
Second nature
Practised ease

If ever
It were possible
To think in synchronicity
Aware, as one, together,
Then it is here
Riding down these streets

© Laura Marie Clark

Excerpt from the book “City Of The World”

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