Ideas: Your Interests

You’ve exhausted your list of prompts. What you have got written down in reserve is rapidly draining away. You have the urge to write something right now, whether something new or something you’ve been working on for a while, but you feel desperately short of ideas. Deadlines flash before your eyes and you have no clue how you are ever going to reach them. Let’s discuss another way to get those ideas flowing again.

So far this month, we have discussed several ways for eager writers to generate new ideas. Firstly, we discussed thought showers, followed by free writing, and most recently how you can consider writing everyday stories when big, impressive story lines seem impossible to imagine. Today, we will look at writing about something you love when you are lost for ideas and how taking the time out to write something a little more personal can benefit you.

This is similar to our exploration of using personal experiences for influence from last month. Your passions should automatically excite you, so you will not need to sit around trying to build up a huge amount of background knowledge or an air of enthusiasm for those tedious bits (there shouldn’t really be any!). How you choose to write about your interests is up to you.

If it is too much to ask to come up with a plot surrounding your chosen interest, then why not try to write about an event focused around your passion that has already happened? For instance, last year for Story a Day May I was challenged to research something and then write a story about it. I chose an interest of mine but an event that I was unfamiliar with within that interest and wrote a short story about the Pendle Witch Trials. This can be easier than inventing something entirely.

On the other hand, thinking about your chosen passion may be all you need to start creating fiction. An idea may spring out at your fairly early on with only minimal influence from real life examples, and if that’s the case then get writing! As soon as you spy an opportunity to get you back into creative mode, you should take it. We all know how one idea can lead to another, and another, and another, and so on.

Of course, you do not have to write something overly creative about your passion at all. You could take the opportunity to inform or to open up a discussion platform. I mean, here I am writing about writing … you may find it’s more fun than you first anticipate. Those creative writing ideas can come later – at least you will have an excuse to start writing again!

Your interests are ultimately your own. It doesn’t matter whether you love politics or horses or Disney, because there will always be something to write about on your subject. Look around for the discussions that are already taking place or start your own. The choice is up to you.

This month’s theme is IDEAS. If you have written something that you would like me to share on this blog on the theme of original ideas, then please post a link in the comments or email me on with the subject: Ideas.


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