When The Page Has Turned To Ashes

I loved this poem. Very emotional.


When the page in my life

has turned to ashes,

all I can do is walk away.

I drive feet into the ground

and watch your vengeful

plow pull me under.

I’m wound up by electric beams of light

charging through my veins.

After the rains fall on top of my head stone,

sodden tears vanquish me.

All the drums pound into my head

at night when I sleep,

but I cannot not hold up

on such a weak foundation.

For if only crazed fires will stop

rampaging my heart.

Where will the rudders break off

when all I tell is the rum brought forth

on your breath.

Is it the rupture from the vessel your

badge speaks of, or is it the business

of the wolf’s call?  Who’s to say?

However, I choose to count the ways

in which thunder and lightening strike

down every crying voice.

I erupt…

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