In the Desert

A vivid picture painted with words. The imagery in this poem is very clever.

L.T. Garvin

Wind picks up

swirls the fine-grained sand

that seeps through long days

hourglass mode

outside the boundaries

of a busy world

life crawls under

a blistering sun

the drums of isolation

beating time with the breeze

blazing sunsets shine over

craggy faced rocks

thirst that needs quenching

and in the middle

of this silent-filled sand mirage

as the evening sun casts low

and the desert color

breathes new color into the soul

a lizard pauses

to consider us

nobody around

for miles and miles

as my scarf blows

through the wind

like a wilted movie star

and we go waltzing

through the cactus

oblivious to harsh reality

or the sweltering heat…


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