no longer lost

I love it when a poem makes me feel exactly the way I would in the situation it describes. This is very well done.

Eliot's Tears

fumbling with your bag
there is a look of desperation
that feeling that must wash over any addict
flipping through your belongings
looking for something
you were certain was present
only to find it missing

and then the panic
seconds stretching into moments
time that stands still to tell you
that whatever you seek
is not within your grasp
and you’ll have to do everything you can
just to replace it

and there is no question in your mind
that you will
you’ve already begun to plan
your return

and then the relief
as you fold over that last piece of paper
or unzip that last pocket
that you were
absolutely positively sure
you looked behind
looked in
and it’s there

and you’ve found it
and both the thing you sought
and yourself
are no longer lost

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