A New Foe

He was fierce. Untameable. A wild beast with a ravenous hunger for conquest.

Whoever his enemies were, wherever he faced them, he held his head high as he scrutinised their weaknesses, weighing up how he could take them down. Then he struck – before they could make their move.

Then he had seen … that. It stood on two legs and it had large, white eyes with small black dots to represent pupils. A thin smile was etched across its face, never changing. There was a bell attached to each of its wrists. It had an enormous red nose, and enormous red feet to match.

He did not like the look of this new foe. He definitely did not like the sound of this new foe. He backed up when it got too close, going into defensive mode.

‘Come here, Precious,’ Alice called, waving the toy clown at him.

Precious hissed, backing further into the hydrangea.


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