I Do Not Hook Up

This is a powerful poem based on something that all women face at some point, in one way or another. A very strong message. Well done.


I said,
“I got a Tinder, I’m trying to keep an open mind”
He said,
“You mean open legs”

I don’t like when boys at parties insist on walking me home
I don’t like when I’m drunk walking home alone and I see
a guy on the opposite side of the street and I start to get
worried that he’ll notice that I’m drunk or that he’s drunk
and that he’ll cross over the pavement and
Rape Me
I realize this is probably irrational

My mother said,
“Your father cheated on me. We’re getting a divorce”
Two weeks later I thought,
“You hadn’t slept in his bedroom for years, what did you expect?”

I don’t like when boys at parties touch my waist and ask if I want a drink
I make my own damn drinks
I drink myself to unconsciousness, sometimes, and
I don’t like when I wake up and…

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