An Alien


When the alien arrives
In his spacecraft
From beyond the stars
And sees us
Hears us
Smells us,
What will he think?
Will he immerse himself
In human ways
As though it is that easy,
Or step back
And choose to observe
Us from a distance?
How much
Will he deem peculiar,
Odd enough
To take back with him
As strange stories
To tell his people?
Will they be amused
By our silly ways,
Or will they find
Some conflict
In the way we speak
Or move
Or behave?
Perhaps he will find
Our attitudes
Not dissimilar
To his own
And find no reason
To question our
Human cultures.
It was I,
The alien:
I saw
I heard
I smelt;
I lived and laughed and loved
All the same.
I immersed myself
In what I could
And watched the rest
With interest, awe and amusement alike
To learn before I tried.
Some things I deemed peculiar;
Some others still were silly;
Some were not like my own ways,
Values or cultures;
And there were many,
Things that I
Witnessed, and saw not a stranger,
But myself
In front of my own eyes
Behaving in that way.
Alien or not,
All the same.

© Laura Marie Clark

Excerpt from the book “City Of The World”

Please visit my author page and purchase my book at:


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