Connections: Writing Platforms

Sharing your writing with as many people as possible is the best way for writers to gain both feedback and confidence. But it is not easy for everybody to share their writing with others in person, which is why we should all take advantage of the internet. There are LOADS of websites that have been set up to feature your writing, where you and gain a following, meet readers, and discover other writers.

We are talking about different ways that writers can connect with other people online this month. We have already discussed two key areas that can help us to connect: by having our own writing blog, and by taking advantage of social media. These can help us to promote ourselves to a range of people. Today, we are going to look at other writing platforms.

These are websites that may offer you a place to post your writing to a wide selection of readers (so pick out the most popular pieces to share). They might also post prompts, tips, hold writing challenges, or help you to promote your writing on their own social media pages. If you are using Twitter, then you might occasionally get followed and messaged by a small writing platform, but it will be more effective for you if you seek them out yourself.

Not every writing platform will suit you and your specific needs. Some platforms my offer certain genres of fiction and/or poetry for their readers. Some focus mainly on flash fiction (very short pieces of fiction), such as adhocfiction. Some allow a more general range of poetry and short stories, such as Penned, where you can create chapters and update them from your phone. Some also let people post news and opinions, such as Scriggler, which is one of my favourites and which may also Tweet your posts for you. Some are focused on fan fiction instead of entirely original pieces, such as

You should take some time to consider which type of writing platform would be the best to feature your writing. You don’t need to confine yourself to just one platform, so as long as you know what you have posted where, you can put your writing out there as many times as you wish. Try out your chosen platforms to see if they suit you.

As well as posting your own writing, be sure to like, comment, follow and share, so that you can connect with the other writers on that platform. Remember: the more people that you connect with, the more that people are likely to connect with you.

This month’s theme is CONNECTIONS. If you have written something that you would like me to share on this blog on the theme of connecting with other writers online, then please post a link in the comments or email me on with the subject: Connections.

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