The Walls

This is powerful poetry, and a really clever use of the page so that the words have an even bigger impact.

Life is all about PAIN

The walls –Wrap me in– And I wrap—- The walls in me.

Becoming– Confined——–Becoming – —–Congested!

To the open fields—–Long streams—-   —–Wide sky,

Huge——– planet———–Huge-er–   —– universe!

I stick——-With—walls——Walls–stick —With me.

I—-carry— walls. Walls carry me–Wherever– we—-go.

I —–go— with walls—–  -Walls- go —-with—- me.

Not like a shadow——-More- —Like a ——–meadow.

Walls wait—-To be broken—I wait- ——-To break walls.

This way—–We save ——–Each-other– —-And go on!

Till someone——Someday————-Breaks— us apart

And becomes-—companion-with— Boundaries of —-soul

And then–Soul walks with me—-And I walk with -–the soul

Not the body-Not the smile—Not the lust—- but the soul

Before death -until- death—After death-—–Till eternity!

Until I flow– with the time—or time flows ——with me!

And—- till —–the—–Existence   of—the–Existence!

With peace—with love!—and—– newer- walls—forever!

Walls– walk—— with me—And I walk –with the walls!


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