Run Here, Run There

Promises and dreams, for each his share
Between them both these pretty lies;
To be compared, their differences defined:
One tall, handsome, a gentleman so kind
His smile lit up the darkness of the other;
He arrogant, but marriage still sacred,
With words of cruelty pushes his bride away
Into the arms of another, that her claim.
From one to the other, she scampers on,
Not set on divorce and comforted by home
Where merry children know no indiscretion.
Her husbands fury comes and goes as she,
One day questions her; dispels her claims
The next to repent with apologies eternal
And persuades her loyalty, though he unaware
Of her crimes of passion, seeking comfort
In words of love they once shared
At the time of their vows, now shared
Between three, somewhere in the air;
She loves one, she loves the other, she must go
To work, for a meeting or phone call so urgent –
She runs back and forth and back again.

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