My friend is gone, he ran away. I can tell you, I love him each day

Deeply touching and moving poetry. I like the use of long lines and minimal punctuation, it shows the rush and confusion of overwhelming emotions. Well done.

Desperate To Entertain

I saw a young man drowning
How come every young man’s drowning?
Or is that just how it seems?
Do they find no answer when they ask for a reason?
Do they not understand that a mental frame’s like a season?
Now every young man’s drowning
But on the outside they’re not frowning
And thus we see more tragic scenes.

And now lives are irreparably changed
And we look for somebody to blame
Fathers lash out in anger
And mothers turn their backs to god and Jesus
Sisters and brothers find themselves going insane
We all question the purpose of this game
Even the predatory angler
Who finds the body but not its missing pieces
Which forever changes the mechanisms in his brain
All lives are irreparably changed.

A man on the TV tells us that we need governmental help
We need to be taught how to cultivate our own positive…

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