A Matter of Respect


A million voices rise yearly
In their thankful respect,
Cheering in warm delight
Giving praise where praise is due

Unheard of in England,
We marvelled at the sight
Of young students presenting
Flowers to us on Teacher’s Day

It taught us all a lesson
When we witnessed that homage:
The reverence we received;
The rewards of appreciation

It was never a part of my education.
The media, the public, the students;
From every direction I learned only
To disrespect my teachers

This refreshing show of courtesy,
Giving teachers their own day:
In Vietnam, we found this a relief
From disdainful home customs.

And so on that day I paused
To ponder my own ignorance;
When children admire their teachers,
It shows within their results

It is a method of mutual respect
I never knew between my teachers
And my young self; so I decided
To bring that sweet ovation home

It raised a question of our opinions,
Our image of greatness in this world:
Without venerating our educators
We reveal a darkness in society

We bow in respect to this system
But pay little heed to hard work
And every child in every school
Is taught to despise their teachers

But the best part of the day
Was by far the celebration:
On Teacher’s Day we drank and drank,
With no need to teach lessons!

© Laura Marie Clark

Excerpt from the book “City Of The World”

Please visit my author page and share in my adventure by purchasing your own copy of City of the World:

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