Something Else Among Us

I really like the idea of people being brought together by simultaneous shared experiences. A great read!

now serves as archive for new page 'jayteowords'

The way just the thought of you
is an earthquake that rattles from
deep in my torso – though the skin around
my rib cage all the same –
that would crack any material other than human
from its vibrations,
is the certainty that if I can pass electricity from
my stomach to my toes,
so can I between two bodies.
Perhaps the act of sharing is not the give and take
but the sameness, the simultaneity.

It makes me wonder if other things happen this way.
With no clear epicenter, just the happening,
the happening all at once.
If at any time, miraculously, everyone on earth
was looking at the same rain storm.
You put that in me. That feeling of hope for the
impossible, yes,
but more so the belief that
fundamentally, anything is Godlike when shared.

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