Pho Sai Gon

Image credit: Pixabay

I sampled many new foods
In that inspiring country;
There is nothing I enjoy more
Than the taste of something
I have not previously tried; whether
Sweet or spicy, mild or hot,
I tried it, though I did not always
Know exactly what I was buying
From the vendors on the street.
The first meal I tried, I knew
Would stay with me long afterwards:
After landing, tired of the journey,
And imagining a place to rest,
Pho 24 was my destination.
Beef noodle soup has never been
So good; with many options,
Too many to choose from, and
Flavours I would come to miss
When the time came for me to leave.
Pho Sai Gon is quick to serve
(And easy to pronounce as well!)
The beef cooks in the boiling water;
Aromas rise from the bowl
To tease and tickle the taste buds.
The meal was pleasing to the tongue
In any combination I desired;
And one to suit any mood, no
Matter how my day had gone.
From busy, stressful, troubled days
To those that passed me by without
Any strain or sense of pressure;
Days on and off, a filling dish
Cheap and refreshing, pho was there
Wherever, whenever, filling mouths
And eager stomachs with delight
A delicious meal never beaten.

© Laura Marie Clark

Excerpt from the book “City Of The World”

Please visit my author page and share in my adventure by purchasing your own copy of City of the World:


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