Movie-Goer’s Conversation

‘I guess you could say I was disappointed with it when I saw it.’

‘Is that what you’d call it? Disappointed?’

‘Well … yeah, I suppose. I mean, I didn’t exactly dislike it, you know.’


‘And it’s not really that I expected more, or for it to be longer – it was pretty long – or for the CGI to be super impressive, but … well, I just sort of anticipated that it would be more satisfying, you know?’

‘I think I get it, yeah.’

‘I sort of expected to come out of the cinema and turn to the person next to me and say: “That was entirely how it should’ve been”, but I couldn’t.’

‘We’ve all felt let down by movie now or then.’

‘But I don’t really feel let down, though. I feel like it’s established a potentially solid new plot line. I didn’t want it to just follow the same plot that the prequels had done. And I know a lot of people worked incredibly hard to produce it, and I can appreciate that.’

‘But you think it could have been better?’

‘Not really. That’s not what I’m saying. In fact, I think it was necessary for this film to be any better than it was. They needed to spend a bit of time building up new characters and connecting them to the old ones. They couldn’t just dive in head first. No, it’s more like I wish it wasn’t lacking … something.’

‘But you don’t know what that something is?’


‘Hmm. Well, I loved it.’

‘I can see that.’

‘Can’t fault it at all.’

‘I can see that, too.’

‘So, the next one comes out next year.’

‘Yeah, it does. In the summer.’

‘Fancy it, or has this one let you down too much?’

‘Yeah, I fancy it.’

‘Well, let’s hope you discover what your missing something is by then.’

‘Ha! Yeah, let’s.’


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