Summer Poetry Writing Prompt

Another great set of prompts from Creative Talents Unleashed, this time for June 2016

Creative Talents Unleashed

Summer Writing Prompt - June 2016.jpgAre you ready for summer? There’s no vacation from writing, so get your pencils sharpened, those thumbs ready, and the ipad charged for CTU’s Summer Writing Prompt. Starting June 1st, we will be posting an Inspiration Call every day for the entire month. Be inspired by your favorite summer activities. Use some of the hints we suggest or be creative on your own with the prompts. Write poems in any style and look out for our favorites to be featured in our Writer Highlights during the week. Get a head start on writing by checking out the prompts below. Use hashtag #ctusummer when you post.

1. My summer getaway

What are some places on your bucket list for a summer getaway? Do you prefer a cruise or a hiking trip? Do you feel more comfortable checking out local sites where you live? Tell us about some of the…

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