Shades of the Same Skin: Laura Marie Clark

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Laura Clark Picture

Introducing Laura Marie Clark

From and currently resides: England, UK.

 I was born and raised in a tiny village. No church, no shop, no village hall … the isolation developed two opposite aspects of my personality: my nervous, shy love of being alone, and my wish to live somewhere vibrant, active and loud.

 As a teenager, I went on a Polish exchange trip with school, which was the first time I had really – though temporarily – felt immersed in another culture. That was when I realized how much there is out there to discover, both at home and abroad.

Later, when I lived in Vietnam, I felt a huge change in the way that I wrote, and spent more of my time writing poetry and focusing on (usually negative) emotions and human experiences. I had seen how some of the poorer people there lived and I wanted to share…

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