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If you haven’t already noticed, then this blog is now accepting submissions. Feel free to send in your poetry, stories, flash fiction, excerpts, writing tips, or anything else you’ve written that is linked to creative writing. You can either do this via the SUBMIT page or via my email address. See the Submission Guidelines page for help.

The theme for this month’s writing tips is submissions. Many of us are eager writers who long for the day when something we have written is accepted by an agent or a publisher (we can’t all self-publish). Most, if not all, of us are interested in submitting our writing to anthologies, competitions, or websites, whether to grow our audience or receive feedback on our writing.

So far this month, we have thought about how to prepare a submission, who we should submit our writing to, and whether we should pay to submit our writing to someone. Today, I want to discuss submission guidelines.

It amazes me that so many authors slip up (and therefore have their writing rejected) because they do not follow the publisher’s submission guidelines. It seems as though every anthology I consider submitted to is hosted by a publisher who has to continuously remind people to follow the submission guidelines. Why do people ignore them? They’re not usually difficult to locate, and many small publishers are more than happy to refer you to them if you can’t find them.

After all, you spend plenty of time crafting and perfecting the writing that you want to submit. Why would you then rush through the actual process of submission itself, and potentially spoil any chance of being accepted? Granted, sometimes we don’t have a very long time in which to submit after we’ve finished writing and editing, and we can feel the closeness of the deadline. But submission guidelines exist for a reason. If the publisher asks you for 12pt Times New Roman double-spaced, then send them 12pt Times New Roman double-spaced.

Make sure that you find some time to familiarise yourself with the submission guidelines of each publisher before you submit to them. If you find it too difficult to adapt large amounts of writing to this new style, then try to find the guidelines early in the writing process and follow them from the very beginning whenever possible. Remember that no matter how good your writing is, a publisher will reject it if you cannot follow their rules.

This month’s theme is SUBMISSIONS. If you have written something that you would like me to share on this blog on the theme of submissions and publishing, then please post a link in the comments or email me on with the subject: Submissions.


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