Very clever. I like the treatment of each sin before finally using pride to remain strong.

Rich Harris Poetry Blog

It beckons you at such a pace
Then, sweet seduction changes face
Love will blow away like dust
And all that stays behind is LUST

Even though it left you scarred
To stay away is much too hard
Forbidden fruits will tempt you back
But GLUTTONY will make you crack

He left you crying on the floor
You didn’t care, you wanted more
On pain and loneliness you feed
Your just desserts will be your GREED

Slow and scornful is the day
The endless nights shan’t slip away
A ceaseless war will leave you, never
And SLOTH will haunt your dreams forever

And then there comes a hateful twist
Your anger charges through the mist
You’ll hate and spit, your WRATH shall burn
You’ll curse yourself – you didn’t learn

There is no ending to this sin
Another demon dwells within
One with a sour, bitter taste
And ENVY coils…

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