An Arrow Drive by Joe Espinoza

We come alive
On an arrow drive
With fits of rock
As we talk
Of the cradle that is us
And the swindle that is sleep
You Liv
And the pasture
That is your soul
Breathe the radio
A.M. lull
Tap your fingers
Full and more

Poem from the
upcoming book,

About Joe

My name is Joe Espinoza and I am working on my manuscript to self publish this summer. Indie authors are changing the game and poetry is benefiting from a resurgence of the art of the written word. My book, “THE LONG BELIEVE” will be out SUMMER 2016. I consider myself a poet of modern poetry, modern sensibilities but with an eye to the old masters.

Visit Joe’s blog to discover more about him, read other excerpts, and keep up to date with information on The Long Believe:

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