The Shadow

Image credit: Pixabay

The shadow in the corner of the living room was large and mysterious. Billy was suspicious of it, if that was the right word to associate with a shadow. It did not seem to be cast by anything in particular.

He decided that the best thing to do would be to get rid of it. Every time that he looked at it, the shadow freaked him out a little more. Billy got off the sofa and moved over to the curtains, then pulled them shut to block out the natural light from outside. He turned around, flicking on the lamp as he spun.

The bizarre shadow was still there.

He turned the lamp off again, but that didn’t affect it either. He flicked the rest of the lights in the room on and off, to no avail.

‘Right,’ he said to himself, his hands on his hips as he stared at the stubborn shadow. Billy made his way over to the corner and started to move things around, trying to find out what was causing the shadow.

He pulled out the chair and dragged it across the room. He moved around ornaments, bottles and glasses. He cleared out the whole corner, then stood back to admire his handiwork.

The shadow remained.

Billy decided that the best thing to do now was to cover the shadow up, so that whenever he looked over at that corner, he would not have to see it. If he could not see it, then it might not bother him so much.

If that wasn’t effective, then he could avoid using the living room at all costs.

If that didn’t work either, then he could always burn down the house.

He settled for covering it up and hoping that it would work out. Billy all but buried the corner of the room in his belongings, creating a pile of items that reached the ceiling.

‘There,’ he said, dusting himself off as he stepped back to see if he could spot any sign of the shadow. There was none.

From time to time, he couldn’t help but take a peak under the pile in the corner of the room. The shadow remained there, ever present, and after a while he became used to it.

The room became cold and uncomfortable, and visitors began to notice it. Some of them claimed that they could see things moving around just beyond the edges of their vision. Billy tried to spot these things for himself, but he never could.

He knew that the shadow was responsible for scaring his visitors, but he was not going to allow it to kick him out of his own house. They would both have to stay.


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