A Meeting in the Bog

A really interesting read, great short story.

The Faith Gap

Until the Blue Planet, I had never seen a place where somethingotherexisted. There were cosmicworlds suspended in darknessand nomadic chunks of iron, like myself, barreling alongwaitingto be pulled into one of their orbits. That was it. Gas and metal and rock and speed.

I’d seena few of usgetclose enoughto collide and disintegrate into some of these distant worlds. Even so, after the enormous amount of energy was released, not much changed. Gas and metal and rock smashing into more gas and metal and rock for billions of light years in every direction.

But when I saw the Blue Planet, itwas filled with…life.

Massive life. Strange life. Life much different than after our collision. Life with fangs and tusks and scales. They were equal parts majesty and terror, and I would soon disintegrate with them. It’s the reason The Mover redirected me towards it in the first place. He…

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