A Reading

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The tarot cards lay face down on the table in three piles between Sandy and the tarot reader. A single, solitary card was face up above them: the Moon. Sandy stared at the backs of the cards that were yet to be turned over, as though she might be able to will them to provide her with positive reinforcement through her stare.

She had experimented with tarots and interpreting the cards before. It had often taken her hours when she had first started, but this was the first time that she had decided to pay for a reading. In fact, Sandy had almost given up on finding anybody to perform a reading for her, because there seemed to be so many fraudsters out there who were just in it for the cash and a good laugh.

Interpreting the meaning and position of the cards was interesting, and it had helped Sandy to gain a good sense of her inner self, but she did not know how biased she was. A professional, and a stranger, could likely read her cards far better than she could read them herself. That was why she had persisted, until Sandy had found the right person for the job.

They had started with a simple three-card spread. Sandy’s archetypal card, the Moon, represented dreams and the unconscious mind. The tarot reader had spent a long time discussing Sandy’s shadow self, and instructed her to be consciously aware of the weaknesses that she perceived in herself, so that she might turn them into strengths. The reader had then shuffled the deck eight times, a sacred number, and divided it into three equal piles face down.

Sandy continued to stare at them. Slowly, the reader extended her hand and turned over the first card.

It was the Page of Pentacles.

‘New beginnings,’ the reader said. Unlike Sandy, she knew the cards and their meanings off by heart. ‘You have a new job, or a new opportunity in your life that will bring you future success.’

Sandy nodded her head. ‘I’m planning to start a new business,’ she confirmed. ‘Sewing, knitting, hobby crafts, that sort of thing.’

‘But the pentacle represents earth. You have concerns that you think may jeopardise this business.’

Sandy nodded again. ‘My mother is sick. I may have to put everything on hold to tend to her.’

The reader made an agreeable sound, then turned over the second card. The Six of Swords.

‘This decision will be difficult for you. Whether you choose to support your mother and abandon your business, or set up your business and provide less support to your mother, you will have regrets. However, the Moon reveals that in your mental realm you are being held back by your believed self-weakness. You need to put aside your doubts and go forward to get the best out of your future.’

Sandy did not answer her this time, so after a pause the reader continued.

‘You are experiencing some hard times right now, but the Six of Swords shows that these difficult life transitions will make you a mentally stronger person afterwards.’

Sandy cleared her throat. ‘Okay,’ she said. She was not sure where this was going to go, or if it was going to help her.

‘Do your best to avoid negative thoughts, put more excitement into your life, and change your routine to improve your situation.’

The last card was turned over.

‘This message comes from the spirits,’ the reader said.

It was the Seven of Wands.

‘The spirits tell you not to worry, for they send you good news. They confirm that your business shall be a success in the future. But they send you a warning, too: once you have fulfilled your vision for this business, you will face competition from others who will be jealous of your success. They will want what you have built for themselves – not only your business, but also the way that you will have overcome your mental barriers, as well. You will need to use your strength to defeat your challengers.’

‘My business does mean a lot to me,’ Sandy clarified.

‘It will mean even more when you have turned it into a reality.’

‘I don’t doubt that.’

The reader looked down at all of the cards for a few seconds, staring into them as though she could see something that Sandy could not.

‘You may feel,’ she said, raising her head again, ‘as though you’re being held back by your other duties as a daughter right now. You need to stand your ground against anyone who may oppose your decisions. These cards all indicate that you need to make changes in your life, to remove old obstacles from your path. Consider what you need right now, and act upon that need.’

When Sandy left, she had a lot to think about. It had been very rewarding to experience a reading with someone else. She took a little time, made arrangements, and then went to look after her mother.

There was nothing better than a tarot reading to boost her self-confidence. She could start doing small things related to her business idea as she stayed with her mother, and then build it up in time. With any luck, her weaknesses and fears would be beaten along the way.

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