Spirit with Me

You were the first thing I knew
Staring at the ceiling in my cot
I reached out to touch you, but
You disappeared before I could make contact

There was an image of you stood
Over me, imprinted in my mind,
Before I saw those old photographs
Of you smiling, wearing your baby blue dress

When I was a child, I sometimes saw
You sitting beside my bed at night
And I went to sleep in the knowledge
That you would protect me from bad dreams

In school, I worked hard just to see
The pride that shone in your eyes
When I was praised for my success;
You picked me up when I failed, my strength

When my first romance fell apart,
My young heart felt betrayed;
You were there with me through the pain
Of losing my teenage sweetheart to another

I cried myself to sleep some nights
Convinced that I was all alone
In this desolate world of confusion
But you were there to pull me through troubled years

On my wedding day, in your blue dress,
You stood in the background of photographs
Invisible to all but me, who saw you
Offering your silent congratulations with open arms

I sat by the bed of my sick child,
Comforting him through his illness
Hard, not fatal, and you still there
Always my rock, whatever there was at stake

Growing old, I was blessed with new life
In the form of bubbling grandchildren
And you were there as I held each one
For the first time, sharing in my doting joy

Still I can see you, clear as day,
My spirit guardian all my life, and
As I take my dying breaths, I swear
To protect my first grandchild too


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