One Day

‘One day,’ Luna said to herself, staring at her reflection in the glass of the kitchen door, ‘one day I’ll get out of this place. Nobody will be able to stop me. They’ll see how much more I can achieve, how much more I’m worth. One day.’

The chef came out of the kitchen with a scowl across his face. He loomed over her, his hands on his hips, and said in an unnecessarily loud voice, ‘What are you doing standing out here gawking? Get back to work!’

‘I was just –’ Luna began, but he cut her short.

‘I don’t care! I don’t care if you’re waiting to meet the Queen! Get back in the kitchen, and start taking the food out to the customers, or you’re fired!’

Luna watched him disappear back into the kitchen, shaking in his unneeded rage. She considered walking out, but decided against it. Where would she go? As much as she hated working there, there was no alternative until she found herself another job.

There were many jobs out there, but better jobs were hard to come by.

‘One day,’ she said to her tired reflection, before heading into the kitchen.

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